Wine. Dine. Be Married.

Allie M. Photo (AMP Studios) is an award winning Wedding + Portrait Photography + Cinema boutique based in Temecula, CA (but we do travel worldwide). Since opening up shop in 2009, we have worked with a variety of couples, families, individuals, corporations, associations and consumer based companies. 

We feel our niche these days is intimate to large weddings and portrait sessions whether for a couple, individual or family. Oh, and boudoir photography is among our favorite type of session to shoot! Sometimes we work solo and other times we work as a team. It just depends on what you are looking for!

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Meet Allie

I have loved photography since high school when I took my first film photography class. Since then I have graduated from California State University, Fullerton with my degree in Visual Communication. In 2009 I created my first website and "opened up shop" as a part-time photographer. I began this business with a focus in portrait photography and then in 2015 decided it was time to go "all in" and expand into weddings. The reason I have chosen to capture weddings as my primary niche is simple...I love, LOVE! Nothing is more magical than to be able to be part of the happy couples very special day (and up close and personal in it I might add!).

Each wedding I photograph is different and I still get excited every time I arrive wondering what the bride's dress will look like, how the decor will come together, what flowers will be chosen, what song the couple will take their first walk as Mr. + Mrs. and the list goes on! I have been extremely fortunate to work with some pretty amazing couples and I think that really comes down to a common mindset...and that is: No matter how the day turns out it will be memorable, it will be fun and at the end of the day if something goes a little awry (like the bride almost forgetting her bouquet as she walks down the aisle...that actually happened to me! HA!) the couple will still say their vows and enter their eternal partnership. So no matter how the day turns out, my team + I will be there to capture every moment of it!

Oh yeah, and here is a little bit about me...I am married to my amazing husband Wes (we were married in my favorite place...Temecula Wine Country), we have two adorable Golden Retrievers, Charger + Josie Bruin (named after our fav football teams), I love to travel, I love wine, I love to go off-roading in our Jeep and camp in the desert, I love smelly good candles (that's what I call them), and a lot of coffee in the morning. Oh yeah, and I love yoga too!

Meet Christa

Hi Guys! Christa Webb...aka: Photographer, Studio Manager, Wife, Mom, Animal Lover, Yogi, Outdoor Enthusiast, World Traveler (Well, I am working on it anyway) and Event Coordinator.

Becoming a part of the AMP team has been such an exciting endeavor and I look forward to connecting with more amazing couples and families! It's so fun to discover what brings out each person's personalities in our time together; there is something about the moment that a big smile lights up their faces, or the way only a hug or gentle touch from mom or dad will soothe a fussy baby, that continues to fuel my passion for photography.

Photography: The art of capturing something fleeting; chasing time. Holding that which cannot be held. Motion made still.

I believe that part of what makes a moment special is that it's fleeting, so I love that as a wedding + newborn/lifestyle photographer I have the honor of capturing those candid moments so they can be relived and cherished for a lifetime.

Something about the sweet innocence of a newborn just makes my heart swell! I've got a major soft spot for these little babes and documenting the initmate details of parenthood. There are a few things sweeter than baby snuggles and growing families. 

If I had to pick what most draws me to wedding photography it would likely be, getting the opportunity to capture the unique love of each couple and telling their story through photographs. Prior to my life behind the camera I worked as an Event Coordinator for about 8 years, so keeping a group on a timeline while also keeping a smile on my face (and yours!) and pep in my step is like second nature to me. Regardless of the occasion my goal is always to leave you with memories that will make your heart smile and to have fun together while we celebrate you and some of the moments that matter most. 

Meet Jonny

Hello! My name is Jonathan Adams. I was born and raised in Southern California. I've been shooting with AMP since 2015. I began my photographic journey while studying in South Africa in 2007. During my time there, I explored different cities or regions with my roomate, who is still an incredibly talented photographer. I was always amazed at how he would make such ordinary objects or people look so interesting in his photos. I learned a lot from him in the 6 months that we lived together, and when I returned home I decided to purchase my first camera. I have been taking photos ever since. 

Because I learned photography while traveling, I adopted a sort of photojournalistic approach to the art that has stuck with me since I began. I find that this approach allows me to capture the most natural emotion of people and catch a glimpse of a larger story. As I've progressed, however, I've gained an appreciation for being able to create a mood in my images by utlizing different posing techniques, backgrounds, lighting, etc. Shooting weddings allows me to do both. I get to exert some creative control over certain shots while also being able to simply shoot the day as it unfolds naturally. 

Aside from photography, I also enjoy reading, playing my drums + guitar, and spending time with my beautiful fiance.